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X Trend

We developed this indicator for our own trading and it is absolutely phenomenal!  X Trend tells you the current market trend by simply drawing a  Green line (for Bullish markets) or a Red line (for Bearish markets).


Simplicity was the primary design consideration.  This indicator uses complex calculations and indicators behind the scenes but the output is quite simply a “Buy” or “Sell” signal.


You can use this indicator either as a standalone strategy or you can use it to confirm the direction of any existing trade signals. For example if your strategy signals a Long trade, you can check this indicator to see if it has also indicated the markets to be in a Bullish state.


We can integrate this indicator into your existing trading strategy either as an indicator or an EA (Expert Advisor)/Trading Robot.  Or you can simply purchase it as a standalone indicator/EA.  Please contact us for further details and pricing, which starts from just $349.

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